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Revolutionizing Your Online Store: Discover the Power of Automated eCommerce Marketing

Automation used to be all about manufacturing plants. Machines replaced lines of people, revolutionsing industries around the world. Now it’s the turn of digital businesses to take this next step in their evolution, through the advent of automated eCommerce marketing powered by AI technology.

In this article, we’ll outline what’s happening in the world of automation and AI and how it’s helping to support small eCommerce businesses. If you want helping hand to promote your ecommerce business but you can’t afford a marketing team, this article is for you. 

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The Rise of Automation and What It Means for ECommerce Businesses

Automation and AI mark a turning point in the online world – especially for eCommerce businesses. It cuts down the time and effort it takes to launch content for a new marketing campaign. Crafting new promotions used to involve plenty of copywriting and design work and a lot of testing. Now, it’s possible to do all that at the click of a button.

For small businesses, that can be a game changer. You are no longer at a disadvantage because you don’t have the marketing resources of a big company. Automation is almost like having your own team. So, if you use these tools wisely, it’s going to level the playing field between you and your biggest competitor. 

This shift also makes your marketing efforts more efficient. That means you can run promotions at pace, changing and fine-tuning your marketing ideas as you go. With the right attitude, it can make your business far more agile – and that’s going to help you thrive. 

Automated Content Creation for Ecommerce: How It Works

Automation is a broad term but for the purpose of this article we are talking about using tools to do marketing tasks automatically rather than manuually, and we are primarily looking at AI technology, as that’s the catalyst for this recent shift.

Automation technology uses algorithms and vast libraries of data to carry out all sorts of marketing tasks, that would take a mere human weeks or months to accomplish. A very simple example is a headline. You can sit and brainstorm a headline for a new ad you want to run, or you can use automated tools to give you ten relevant headline examples.

That’s just one example. But there are so many applications it’s almost impossible to put them into a single article (hey, I guess AI could). But you could:

  • Automate your SEO keyword research
  • Get AI to write an email to your subscribers
  • Use AI to select your best eCommerce products and share them on social media
  • Write social media headers and captions
  • Create graphics or images for a marketing promotion
  • Optimize an ad campaign by split testing your copy

I could go on. The point is that the power and technology to automate marketing exists. It’s there, and it’s simply a question of whether or not you choose to use it. But here is some food for thought. If you choose not to use it, what about your competitor? And how will your business fare in the bright new AI world if your key competitor starts to automate all their marketing and ad efforts?

Made for Me by Tailwind

You’ve probably heard a few brand names in the world of AI that can do some of this automation for you. However, one emerging platform has created a specialist tool that’s specifically designed for small businesses and eCommerce websites. That’s Tailwind. Specifically, Made for Me by Tailwind.

Tailwind has designed a tool that will help you with every step of your marketing. When you sign up, you can add your eCommerce URL to the platform. The tool will scan your content and use it to analyze your business. From there, Tailwind can automatically create marketing content at the click of the button. For example, product images with a captivating description that you can automatically share to social media. The tool uses the data it’s gathered from your website to great effect. It ensures that any content aligns with your brand and voice and your target customer. That means by the time it hits social media, it looks as natural and authentic. It looks like you did it yourself from scratch. 

It means you don’t need to have someone in front of a computer every day creating new marketing material. And for a small business, that’s a huge advantage. Because for most entrepreneurs that “person” is themselves wearing muliple hats (figuratively speaking)! It also makes it easier to personalized your marketing. If you are going after different demographics, you can tailor each piece of marketing content to each customer type. It’s a swift task when you are working with automation, whereas doing that manually would be hugely time-consuming for the average small business owner. 

It works for more than social media, of course. You can use this method for all aspects of your marketing, including video scripts, product descriptions, and SEO-optimized blog posts. 

Tailwind has a forever free plan so you can try this out for yourself – head here to find out more (note to reader: this is an affiliate link).

The tool also has a feature to create and run a paid ad from the platform – all powered through automation. It means you can run optimized ads for your eCOmmerce business without the hassle of setting everything up in advance. And if you’ve ever set up an ad for your business, you’ll know just how time consuming it can be. 

AI, Automation and the Future

It’s easy to see how transformative AI and automation can be for a small business. And what we are seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg. These technologies will continue to evolve, and expand the possibilities for any online business. It’s fair to say there has never been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur in the digital world. If you can take advantage of automation and AI now, you have the opportunity to grow your business at a pace that could only be dreamt of decades ago.

Future possibilities are limited only by our imagination. But at a guess, advances in technology will bring more personalization and analytics to businesses. Which means marketing at an ever granular level – giving your audience such a customized promotion they might even think it was designed specifically for them. AI is also likely to be able to spot trends that you can use to your advantage as a business. So in the future, you might have technology bring your social media content to the next big platform before you’ve even heard of it yourself! 

Embracing the Future of Automated eCommerce Marketing

It’s clear that automation technology for eCommerce is merely the start of an exciting trend. With this emerging technology due to take over how marketing works online, the question isn’t so much whether you should adopt it – it’s when. The digital world has always adapted and transformed faster than any other revolution, and this era is no different. If you want the potential to exploit this technology, check out what Tailwind has to offer. And add your email address to our subscriber list to get some of the latest news and tips from us. 

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Revolutionizing Your Online Store: Discover the Power of Automated eCommerce Marketing
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