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20 Inspiring Coaches You Should Be Following On Instagram

If you’re a coach (or planning to start a business as one) and are in the midst of building an Instagram profile for your business, then now is the time to get inspired! A great Instagram profile can bring you lots of high quality business leads. You just have to know a few tricks to get you started. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some of the inspiring coaches who are currently winning at the Instagram marketing game. There’s so much to learn from these superstar life coaches and it should give you a lot of ideas about how you can stand out with your own feed and connect with your audience so make sure you bookmark this page as you’ll want to refer back to it.

Ready? Let’s get started and get you on your way to creating your own Instagram superstar profile. If you haven’t much time to spend browsing Instagram, this guide is your shortcut. Whether you want to get clients or simply post some inspirational quoets, take a leaf out of these coaches’ efforts to get noticed and you’re sure to go far.

(These are in no particular order, by the way).

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Inspiring Coach #1: Hilary Rushford

inspiring coach hilary


Who they are: Style coach, founder of Dean Street Society

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Upbeat, cheerful, high quality photos, and engaging interactive posts with hugely engaged followers

Be inspired by: The motivational messages to her followers that she adds to her post captions

Inspiring Coach #2: Emily Williams

inspiring coach emily


Who they are: Success coach, for female entrepreneurs

Why their Instagram feed is so great: She shares a lot of images relating to her professional life and the networking events she runs across the globe so it feels very much like a community on her feed, as well as lots of inspirational coaching to motivate you

Be inspired by: Gorgeous images from glamorous city locations; a reminder of some of the more luxurious rewards at your fingertips when you start your own business and reach your full potential!

Inspiring Coach #3: Marie Forleo

inspiring coach marie


Who they are: Life and business coach, well known for her popular YouTube television show

Why their Instagram feed is so great: It’s not as slick as you’d imagine from this high profile coach with some well-established online courses. Marie is know for her hard work: and this feed shows unedited selfies are interwoven with professional shots and big motivational messages. She also has behind-the-scenes footage featuring team members from her dedicated staff. The result is a very accessible, real feed

Be inspired by: Powerful, punchy messages that will get you in gear to push your business forward

Inspiring Coach #4: Sue Zimmerman


Who they are: Instagram strategy coach

Why their Instagram feed is so great: It bucks the pastel trend with bright, popping colors and a cheerful, energetic vibe

Be inspired by: The most interesting thing about her feed is the quirky fun images, which prove you don’t have to do the same as everyone else to make an impact on Instagram

Inspiring Coach #5: Danielle LaPorte

inspiring coach danielle


Who they are: Author of The Desire Map

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Full of calm, reflective thoughts and great messages that will help inspire you on a daily basis, with links to some exclusive content

Be inspired by: Danielle’s ability to get her message across quietly is beautiful and shows you don’t have to be “shouty” on social media to make an impact

Inspiring Coach #6: Jasmine Star

inspiring coach jasmine


Who they are: Business coach, with a focus on social media

Why their Instagram feed is so great: She has a beautiful, fresh, clean looking feed showcasing her own lifestyle mixed up with motivating messages for entrepreneurs

Be inspired by: Her smart use of tagging people, places and niche hashtags

Inspiring Coach #7: Jenna Kutcher

inspiring coach jenna


Who they are: Hosts a business podcast for entrepreneurs

Why their Instagram feed is so great: A pretty, well thought out feed of great images that she combines with captions linking back to her podcast and webinars

Be inspired by: Engaging her audience and encouraging them to like and comment on her posts

Inspiring Coach 8: With Grace And Gold

inspiring coach grace gold


Who they are: Andra and Kelly, branding and design experts

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Their expertise in design shows when you go through their beautiful feed, which does a great job at showcasing their design talent

Be inspired by: Their #moodboardmonday posts – a great example of how to do hashtags well

Inspiring Coach 9: Bonnie Bakhtiari

inspiring coach bonnie


Who they are: Small business mentor and online coach

Why their Instagram feed is so great: It looks polished and professional, but it still has enough personality to feel like you can connect with her as a follower – that’s a great balance to achieve

Be inspired by: She likes to throw in a few personal posts with pictures of her pet dog

Inspiring Coach 10: Megan Martin

inspiring coach megan


Who they are: Mompreneur and branding coach

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Her pictures are relatable and aspirational, sharing pictures of her family together with practical business guidance for mompreneurs

Be inspired by: She includes adorable pictures with her children, posted with #themompreneurdiaries hashtag

Inspiring Coach 11: Abagail and Emylee

inspiring coach thinkcreative


Who they are: founders of Think Creative Collective, coaches for small business owners

Why their Instagram feed is so great: It’s a mix of pastel flat lays for asethetic and fantastic media showcasing their strategy hour show with other entrepreneurs – lots of value to be found by following their life coaching feed

Be inspired by: They post success stories and interviews with small business entrepreneurs

Inspiring Coach 12: Nesha Woolery

inspiring coach nesha


Who they are: Business coach for creatives

Why their Instagram feed is so great: A good mix of images from some critical moments in business, video (talking straight to camera, which is the best way to connect with your audience) and inspiring messages.

Be inspired by: She refers back to her blog posts and videos – encouraging people to click off Instagram and discover more about her including. tips on how to win your first client

Inspiring Coach 13: Jessica Nazarali

inspiring coach jess


Who they are: Well known business coach for female entrepreneurs

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Another good example of mixing the personal with business, Jessica has intimate posts of her young family together with promotional posts showcasing her interviews with other entrepreneurs and some of the best coaches around

Be inspired by: Her inspiring quotes from entrepreneurs she’s interviewed on her radio show

Inspiring Coach 14: Noor Hibbert

inspiring coach noor


Who they are: Success coach and business strategist

Why their Instagram feed is so great: An outgoing and upbeat Instagram feed that’s sure to list your spirits and give you motivation to set goals. She offers punchy, fun messages and quote posts, plus images from her own life

Be inspired by: Her slightly-genius and highly memorable Instagram name (memorable Instagram names are a great asset)

Inspiring Coach 15: Tony Robbins

inspiring coach tony


Who they are: World-renowned life coach and motivational speaker

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Tony is well known as a motivational coach and keynote speaker. In fact, lots of people have commented on this post to say he should be at the top (author note: these 20 aren’t in any order!). What’s great about his IG feed is that he goes beyond his most well-known area of expertise and uses it to promote his charitable cause, Trees For The Future, showing the importance of making an impact for the greater good. The feed itself is inspiring, fascinating and features huge doses of motivation.

Be inspired by: He writes about the story behind every image he posts – and they are a joy to read

Inspiring Coach 16: Nathan Chan

inspiring coach nathan


Who they are: Instagram expert and founder of entrepreneurial magazine Foundr

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Bold, simple and hugely successful (I have talked about his case study for growing his Instagram account in this post) – this is a model that a lot of newer Instagram feeds have tried to emulate, but Nathan still leads the way

Be inspired by: His consistent branding of “Foundr” on every post

Inspiring Coach 17: Gary Vaynerchuk

inspiring coach 17


Who they are: Best selling author, social media expert

Why their Instagram feed is so great: It’s packed full of inspiring video clips – he covers a lot on mindset, and he’s a great expert to learn from, especially for helping boost your social media accounts

Be inspired by: His no-nonsense messages. He doesn’t sugar-coat it

Inspiring Coach 18: Ramit Sethi

inspiring coach 18


Who they are: Success and business coach, Serial Entrepreneur, TedX Speaker

Why their Instagram feed is so great: One of the great things about some of the IG feeds of top coaches is that they don’t always contain highly polished posts. Some are simply screenshots of a tweet. Despite that, the posts are highly effective at getting his message across to his target audience about personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Be inspired by: He posts screenshots of emails by people who were inspired by him – show, don’t tell

Inspiring Coach 19: Zoe Bright

inspiring coach zoe


Who they are: Business coach for female entrepreneurs

Why their Instagram feed is so great: Clean, bright and full of personality, and it feels like a positive experience from the start. Zoe has taken the time to put together a consistent feed with great color and design that suggests a strong brand

Be inspired by: She adds cute and short quotes that are great when they pop up in your Instagram feed

Inspiring Coach 20: Kaylie Simmone

inspiring coach kaylee


Who they are: Branding and visibility coach

Why their Instagram feed is so great: stylish shots from locations around the world, she places a big emphasis on being the modern, global, location-independent entrepreneur

Be inspired by: Kaylie asks simple, easy questions to her followers, encouraging comments and engagement

A Couple Of Takeaway Points

One thing you have probably noticed from this list is just how different these feeds are. Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary. What these feeds all have in common is that they really reflect the personality and brand of the entrepreneur themselves. Remember that fact when you put together your own Instagram account.

Here’s another tip for you: Your feed doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, some of the more endearing and interesting posts from these entrepreneurs are the ones without the gloss. Maybe it just makes these entrepreneurs easier to relate to. That is critical on social media. Remember: you are a stranger to your audience. Instagram is a great way to grow closer.

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  2. Love the list. I’m curious why there are so few male coaches, not only on the list, but in general on IG. It seems that very few male coaches tap into their feminine energy. That’s how I set myself apart! But I totally respect all the women providing value!

    1. There’s a higher % of females to males on Instagram. Anecdotally, I find male coaches gear their online marketing more towards ads and particularly Facebook promotion rather than Instagram. That trend is changing though. Facebook is getting more expensive. Instagram is still an easier social media platform for many small businesses.

      Happy to hear some recommendations for male coaches who should be added to the list though!

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