Top Recommended Tools & Resources For Your Small Business

Welcome to the resources section for Here, I’ve curated a list of the best tools and resources for social media, advertising and sales funnels that I can recommend for your small business.

Disclaimer: some of the links below are affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase one of them with my link. Please know that I only recommend these tools because I know and love them and have used them in my own business. Full details can be found on my disclosure page.

For Social Media Scheduling


Tailwind is my #1 Instagram and Pinterest tool for scheduling, reporting and promotions. It has a free option if you want to sign up and try it, and it’s been a key tool that I’ve used to grow my own social media accounts.


Crowdfire is one of the best value schedulers on the market, and great if you are promoting across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s content curation features makes it easy for you to keep your feed fresh with viral posts, and also gives you the opportunity to get your content shared by other marketers if they love the look of it, and go viral!

Sked Social

If you are 100% dedicated to Instagram as your social media channel of choice, Sked Social is the one to opt for. It’s scheduling features are designed specifically for the platform.

For Building A Sales Funnel


Clickfunnels is an amazing marketing platform that will give you the tools you need to build any type of sales funnel for your business. The beauty of this is that you can actually run a completely viable and profitable online business from Clickfunnels, without the need to even launch a website. They have a two-week free trial, but because it’s so feature-rich I’d recommend signing up to their funnel training first so you can really make the most of the platform.


Unbounce is one of the best value landing page tools on the market and has every feature you could ask for when it comes to developing beautiful looking optin pages. Since funnel platforms are probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your business, it’s definitely worth signing up to their 2-week free trial.

For Boosting Online Sales


Proof can have a big positive impact on sales. You might have actually seen this tool before, as it’s a little pop up that appears on sales pages showing you other people around the globe who recently purchased it. Since social proof is such a critical factor in securing any online sale, it’s a no-brainer in terms of an investment for your business.


Samcart is an amazing platform for boosting sales, using smart technology to bring fence-sitters back to the sales page and converting them. Sign up to this free masterclass from the Samcart team for a real-life demo in how a 1-page website using their platform can dramatically transform sales for a small business.

For Growing An Email List


Optin Monster is my #1 recommendation for list building as my own list growth doubled within 3 months of switching to this tool! It has so many fantastic features including content upgrades, popups, exit intent and full screen overlays that it should be your first port of call if you’re in that frustrating position of getting decent website traffic but not getting the list growth you anticipated (they also have their Optinmonster university with tons of online training to help you make the most of their features).


Hellobar is a really simple little bar that you can add to the top of your website to capture signups. If you have only just set up your website and want a quick and easy way to start building your email list, this is a really good choice and very easy to set up if you aren’t technical.


Convertkit is my preferred email autoresponder, and one of the reasons I love it is because you can tag everyone who signs up to your email list, and tailor your marketing and promotional messages accordingly. This is vital if you are in a business that has more than one type of customer avatar and really want to laser-target your promotions to your audience.

For Social Media And Graphics Design

Graphics Design Udemy Course

Udemy has absolutely hundreds of training course on using graphics design, but if you want something that’s for non-designers to just show you the ropes then this is the one I’d recommend.

Kimi Kinsey

Kimi Kinsey is a fantastic designer and she has a brilliant training course on how to use fonts to create professional graphics for your website and for social media. You might not think you need to know that much about typography, but after taking the course you’ll realise just how big a role it play in making your designs look beautiful and professional!


Depositphotos is my favorite source for low-priced stock photography, and I’ll always recommend you used paid stock photos over free (if you can afford it) as it’ll give your social media posts a far better chance of going viral (if you do need free stock photos, see my ultimate list of free stock photo websites here).


Canva is a free and easy graphics tool that I use almost daily for my business, and if you haven’t done so already, sign up for an account. It doesn’t have the depth of features that more sophisticated design tools might have, but for those of us who are running a business and aren’t professional designers, it’s got everything you’ll need.

For Social Media Promotions


Shortstack is the tool for running an Instagram competition so if you plan on that type of promotion in the near future, make sure to sign up to their free trial.


Publicfast has a great database of social media influencers and should be your first choice before running any influencer marketing campaign (if you want to know how to use Instagram influencers to grow your online business, take a look at my guide here).

For Outsourcing

Fiverr Professional Services

Fiverr has so many high-quality professionals offering competitively priced packages – offering everything from design, copywriting, to tech support, that it’s a vital resource to any business startup. I have used Fiverr many times in the past for my business to help ease my workload and have always had a 5-star experience from every single professional I’ve dealt with.

Fantastic Marketing Training

One Funnel Away Challenge (from Clickfunnels)

One Funnel Away Challenge has such high-quality funnel training that you’d be crazy to miss out on it if you really want to use funnels to grow your business. I’d honestly buy it just for the added 30-day challenge bonus – it has so many invaluable tips from top experts in lots of different niches (these top marketers are giving the “what if” scenario “if you lost everything tomorrow and had to start from scratch, what would you do?” and some of the strategies they share are incredibly useful to know)

Bossbabes Free Webinar: 4 Reason Why You’re Not Making Money On Instagram

Bossbabe offer a fantastic free webinar where they’ll show you step by step how they’ve built their huge Instagram brand over the past few years and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. This is a must-watch if you promote on Instagram!

Bossbabe Insta Accelerator Course

Bossbabe also have an amazing Instagram accelerator course that will take you through every strategy you need to grow your Instagram account rapidly and start to generate revenue for your business. If you are serious about using Instagram to grow your business, and want rapid results, then this is a really smart option.

Bloggers Secrets By The Savvy Couple

Even though I write primarily about funnels and social media, I’ve never thought it wise to put all my marketing eggs in one basket, so blogging has always been an important part of my business growth. I love this blogging course has it’s very comprehensive and they have some great tips on SEO, social media and just generally how to generate traffic. It’s really useful if you plan on having a blog to help market your business.