You have a flourishing freelance service as a social media manager, customers who adore you, and a brand that’s ready to grow. 

But the daily effort that goes into pitching for new business is an ongoing battle that takes you away from what you love best about working for yourself.

If you feel like you spend too much time securing new clients and not enough time working with existing clients, you need to change tactics.  

What you need is a smart funnel

A sales and marketing funnel, in simple terms, takes your fan base on a journey (an adventure!) from discovering you online, to being one of your most loyal, paying customers. You build them the perfect, irresistible path that will tempt them to click, sign up, and press the buy button at every stage of the process.

That’s a funnel. But a smart funnel is a little bit different. Instead of trying to create that perfect funnel from scratch, mind-reading your customers’ behaviour and hoping for the best, you start small, and use data and a repeat testing process to refine and optimise these funnels so that they over-perform and bring actual results – in other words, they bring you regular, high quality customer leads into your business.

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